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New Plumbeous, some Baltimore Oriole trivia

8:23 am

Yesterday, Thurs., a new Plumbeous Vireo was at Grantville Park, a little east of the San Diego Mission. Today, the 15th, the male Baltimore Oriole continues at Rohr Park in the blooming bottlebrush around the basketball courts and is looking nicer and nicer each day, though it still has a little ways to go till it’s in full alternate plumage. But this bird provides an interesting little factoid. Back between October and December there was a female-plumaged Baltimore elsewhere in the park. So now that there’s a molting male not too far away, the assumption would easily have been that it’s the same bird and that the “female” from earlier in the season was really a young male. But the problem with that reasonable assumption is that a year earlier there was a totally similar looking female bird in exactly the same trees at exactly the same time in the morning throughout the early winter and so presumably there was indeed a female back for its second year a few months ago. But now there’s a molting male. Shows you what apparently erroneous assumptions we can make about there being same or different birds. Also, about 10-12 or so years ago there was a female Baltimore Oriole for multiple years in a row that frequented the exact same blooming bottlebrush that the male is now in!

Paul Lehman, San Diego