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new Painted Redstart (Tierrasanta)

On Christmas morning there is a new Painted Redstart in town, this one in Tierrasanta. Go east on Tierrasanta Blvd almost a mile past (east of) Santo Road to Tambor Road. A couple hundred yards or more past Tambor, on the right, is green-gated driveway that runs down to an electrical substation. The driveway is lined with thick, broad-leaved trees, and the bird came out to the closest trees at the gate in response to pishing. There is a "No Parking" sign at the gate, and the driveway is posted "No Trespassing," so access to better view the entire area of trees is LIMITED. Closest legal parking is back at Tambor. (This new bird is 1-1/2 miles from the previous wintering Tierrasanta Painted Redstart of a few years ago in W. Shepherd Canyon.) This site has also supported roosting wintering tanagers in past winters.

Speaking of "nearby birds," it is assumed that the Neotropic Cormorant recently seen by Jim P. et al. at Lake Murray is the same bird that has been frequenting the San Diego River, but that recent rains have probably forced the cormorants to feed in the calmer water of the lake versus the swifter, muddier water currently in the river. The plumages are the same, and the sites are quite close, as the cormorant flies. But if anyone wants to double-check that this is indeed the case….

–Paul Lehman, San Diego
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports