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New Orchard, Baltimore, Summer, nesting bald eagles, high counts

New Orchard, Baltimore, Summer, nesting bald eagles, high counts
By {authorlink} – 10:52 am

On a beautiful Monday morning, visiting birder Richard Crossley had a female Orchard Oriole along the scrub and fenceline at Kendall Frost Marsh a Crown Point, between the observation deck and the apartments to the north. The bird was there only briefly and then flew north to those apartments and could go anywhere. I was at Rohr Park and Sweetwater Reservoir this morning. At Rohr, the previous white flowered eucalyptus hot spot isn’t quite as good anymore due to a reduction in blooming so most of the birds are in the pink flowered eucalyptus trees that border the parking lot just east of there, and this morning included the continuing Baltimore Oriole, Bullock’s Oriole, female Summer tanager, and three western tanagers. We could not find the Clay colored sparrow amongst the Chippings at the west end of the park. At nearby Sweetwater Reservoir, an adult Bald Eagle is clearly incubating on its nest at the northeast side of the lake, and continuing high counts there include 165 Greater White-fronted geese, 11 Cackling geese, and 120 Barn swallows in with 200 Trees. One male Mountain Bluebird.

Paul Lehman, San Diego