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new (?) Lapland Longspur (and how many McCown's/Thick-billed?)

Weds AM, the 11th, there was a Lapland Longspur near the south end of the Fiesta Island dog run with the main assemblage of Horned Larks. The larks were actually in several sub-groups and totaled slightly over 100 birds. No sign of the McCown's/Thick-billed that Gary photo'd there yesterday. Given that there are photos of the McCown's there on 31 Oct (Alison H.) and 10 Nov (Gary N.), and of the bird at Robb Field on 6 Nov (m.obs.), a careful comparison of all three sets of photos needs to be done to try to figure out exactly how many different individuals have been involved. As for today's Lapland, the last sighting of any Lapland was near dog beach in Ocean Beach on the 6th. So today's bird is probably new, but who really knows for sure.

In other minor news, the off-and-on immature Reddish Egret (not as consistent as the adult) at the San Diego River mouth was today at Famosa Slough. A walk around residential Point Loma and PLNU was pretty quiet, with a couple Western Tanagers as good as it got….

–Paul Lehman, San Diego
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports