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New Hepatic Tanager (Point Loma), Plumbeous, White-throated, Neotropic

1:12 pm

Early Wednesday morning, the 15th, a NEW female Hepatic Tanager was in “upper” residential Point Loma (Silvergate neighborhood). Specifically, the bird was feeding in a blooming bottle brush tree on the right side of the very south end of Gage Drive. The last home or two on the (narrowed) street have a slightly obscure sign noting that this final little section is a private road. The homeowners of this last house on the right are very nice and have no problem with birders standing in the road and easily observing this tree and the rest of their front yard. (Do NOT keep walking south into an obvious private driveway.) After eating a bee, the bird dropped lower, out of sight, but then called (“chup”) a number of times. Time will tell if it is reliable at this site or whether it just aimlessly wanders the entire neighborhood. Again, it is a rather dull female.
Elsewhere in residential Point Loma, there was a Plumbeous Vireo at the intersection of Albion X Charles, and a presumably returning White-throated Sparrow (for 3rd year) at feeders with White-crowneds bordering the north end of PLNU.
In the Sea World section of the San Diego River channel, a Neotropic Cormorant was roosting with several Double-crests. This is presumably the same bird reported here on 31 Oct. But otherwise there had been no reports of any Neotropics in this general area since late August.
Paul Lehman, San Diego