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NEW Eastern Wood-Peewee at Cemetery

9:07 am

There is a NEW Eastern Wood Pewee at Fort Rosecrans Cemetery, which is now shutting down for the day For Boulder visitation until 4:00 p.m. Or  5:00 p.m.. This bird is in the northeast corner of the cemetery and I’ve repeatedly had it return to the hedgerow of bushes and small trees along the Catalina boulevard edge of the northeast corner, but then it’ll do full circuits of the Chinese elms in the whole corner. It’s giving pur-wee calls and visually it’s quite different from the first bird several days ago, as this bird is much paler below, with dustiness only across the upper breast slightly broken and with a light yellow wash and there’s a more obvious slight olivey tone to the upperparts and a thin broken eye ring look. In fact, in some aspects it’s almost empidonax-like, but is clearly a pewee and sounds like an Eastern Wood Pewee. Photos and tape recordings obtained by others: Luca C. and Dave T., to be posted later on eBird. Luca also had a splotchy male Summer Tanager near the office building area in the northwest corner, but I failed to refind it soon thereafter.

Paul Lehman, San Diego