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New Chestnut-sided Warbler in San Ysidro

9:41 am

A new Chestnut sided Warbler is in town in San Ysidro, bordering the outlet mall parking lot out in front of Tommy Hilfiger, but instead of being in the tipu trees it was in the storm runoff catchment basin with the several willows and several semi-dead sycamore trees. Not sure where it went from there, and it could easily go into the tipus if it doesn’t get marauded by the Yellow rumps….. This makes four Chestnut sideds in the county this winter, with the easiest one to find certainly being the one at Pantoja Park. Like the Pantoja bird, this bird totally lacks any chestnut.

They’re also seems to be more than the usual number of Chestnut sideds this winter elsewhere in s. California.
Paul Lehman, San Diego