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NEW Black-hroated Green Warbler, old Summer Tanager

7:49 am

Wednesday morning, just after 7:30 a.m., I have a NEW male Black-throated green warbler on Point Loma, this one in the residential area at 3646 Rosecroft. A few mediocre photos taken. It differs from the bird that spent the last 3 days not too far away at Point. Loma Nazarene University by having the throat and upper middle breast blackish areas grizzled with a bunch of whitish intermixed, whereas the PLNU bird was solid jet black on the throat and entire breast. I did not see the other BT green this morning, nor the Tennessee nor the Ovenbird, but my checks of those areas weren’t n PLNU were not super extensive. The singing male Summer Tanager does continue in those areas, however.

Paul Lehman, San Diego