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New Black-and White Warbler at Greenwood Memorial Park

Hi, Fellow Birders,

This morning I birded Greenwood Memorial Park as discretely as I could with a big lens.  There actually weren't many people there until late morning.  My good deed for the day was rescuing a medium sized dog stranded in the lily pond.  

Anyhow, the Sefton Obelisk area, in particular, was very warblery: I saw seven species there.  I don't often find rare birds before others, but when I do, they're Black-and-White Warblers.  I padded my resume with my fourth in four years.

I and a female Allen's Hummingbird found a crude wood and metal cross nailed to the bottom of a tree.  She proceeded to do most of the stations of the cross as I watched, or so it appeared.  It is more likely that she was gleaning nesting material (spider webs?) as a couple of really bad photos (not included among the merely mediocre ones in the checklist) showed her bill wide open right up against the bark.

Checklist with photos here Greenwood Memorial Park 4/12/20

Tuck Russell
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports