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Nestor Mountain bluebirds and White throated sparrow and Green tailed towhee and orioles

8:42 am

Monday morning, three Mountain Bluebirds continue along the entrance road to the Border Patrol facility off Saturn along the edge of the TRV, specifically in the horse corral property on your right. Rare along the coast. They have been there since the CBC in mid December. Under no circumstances block the traffic on that road. Nearby, along Leon Avenue, there is a fairly dull White throated Sparrow in a flock of White crowns, quite possibly a returning bird from 2 and 3 years ago, as well as three Bullocks Orioles and a Yellow warbler. And at Sunnyslope Park, there’s a continuing Green tailed Towhee along the east edge of the park and a couple continuing Bullocks Orioles and a Western tanager in various blooming trees in the park.
Paul Lehman, San Diego