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NESTING Yellow-throated Vireos !!

11:04 am

On 7 June, Angela Johnson heard a singing Yellow-throated Vireo where she lives between Escondido and Pala. Heard again the following day, and seen. Then on 9-10 June, she has documented a PAIR of Yellow-throated Vireos, seen together on repeated occasions, and the early stages of NEST BUILDING !!! Photos obtained and eBird lists submitted. Despite their being a number of previous records of summer, singing Yellow-throated Vireos in CA, presumably all those birds were un-wed singles. So, this could well be the first documented nesting record of this species west of the Rockies. If anyone knows otherwise, please let me know!
The site is in a private RV park, so there is no public access. Please do not try to gain access. Angela will certainly be keeping track of what happens. And this event will certainly become an article for the journal “Western Birds.”
–Paul Lehman, San Diego