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Neotropic, summering RB Nuts, Swainson’s Thrush

6:57 am

The sub-adult Neotropic Cormorant first seen a few days ago by Barbara Wise on the power lines over the San Diego River just above the Mission and just below Friars Road continues on Monday morning, roosting with just a couple Double-cresteds. Same wires a Neotropic roosted on a whole slug of years ago. This morning the bird departed already at 6:05 a.m., although when Barbara had it, it didn’t leave until 7:40. How this bird fits in with the multiple Neotropics farther east at Lake Murray and Santee Lakes, is uncertain. 

Yesterday morning, there were one or two singing Swainson’s Thrushes along the San Diego River in the western extension of Mast Park, perhaps the only territorial Swainson’s known in South County this year. This is the very southern end of their breeding range. 
As almost everyone is aware, there is an unprecedented number of June Red-breasted Nuthatches at multiple sites near the coast this year. It would be worth trying to keep track of all these birds and see how long they actually stay, and at any site where there are multiple birds, try to determine if any nesting attempt occurs.

Paul Lehman, San Diego