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Nelson’s Sparrow – San Elijo Lagoon

A Nelson’s Sparrow was in view for about 15 minutes just after the peak of high tide this morning (Saturday) at San Elijo Lagoon near the end of the dead-end peninsula trail that goes north into the marsh not far from the Rios Avenue entrance. 

The bird perched near the top of a little mound of weed stalks on the left (west) side of the peninsula about 30 feet from the dead-end of the trail.  Also in the same weed patch at high tide were about 20 belding’s Savannah Sparrows and one large-billed Savannah.  All the birds flew out into the marsh a little after 9 AM.

If you go looking for this bird during the next high tides, position yourself south of the weed patch no closer than the obvious bare-branched dead driftwood-looking bush, also on the left side of the peninsula.  At this spot, the sun would be at your back, and the birds seemed to prefer this sunny south side of the weed patch.  Any closer than that seemed to spook the birds this morning. 

High tide this morning I believe was at around 8:20 AM.  Although the Savannah Sparrows were up and out at around that time, the Nelson’s did not pop up until about 8:40 AM.

Dan King
San Diego


Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports