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Neg. report for the most recent Black-throated Green Warbler

Hi all,

I went to Harry Griffen Park today in La Mesa and although i didn't find the BT Green Warbler reported yesterday, I did see a lot of ground activity that was interesting.  All of our Larkspur's and RT Pipits are always around the coast but if there was anywhere inland that this could happen, it could be here.  I noticed a ton of birds on the ground.  In one small area, I had 3 Lark, 6 to 8 Chipping, 3 White-crowned, and 1 Golden-crowned Sparrows.  There were also YR Warblers, and House Finches, and some Scaly-breasted Munia's.  There were also the usual Bluebirds and such.  The Tree's had limited activity but the ground was absolutely crawling with birds.  Just worth a check maybe.
Mark Stratton
North Park

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports