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Nazca Booby origins/location, and other bird news

The report earlier today of a sub-adult Nazca Booby appears to come from the bay side of Coronado. In fact, if plotted correctly, it seems to be directly across from the banana boat facility just south of downtown San Diego, near the Coronado bridge. Oh no, another saga unfolding of Nazca Boobies, San Diego Bay, and the likely dreaded banana boat connection!! (I would also add here that Coronado was indeed commonly known as "Coronado Island" many, many decades ago when it actually was an island, which of course it no longer is–and best probably not to use that term to avoid confusion with the Coronado Islands across the border inside Mexico.)

In other recent bird news, today (12 April) there was an immature Reddish Egret at the San Diego River mouth and an OK number of migrants on Point Loma, including multiple Hammond's Flycatchers, B-t Grays, and Rufous Hummers, Cassin's Vireo, a fair number of Nashvillles, and lots of presumably migrant Orange-crowneds that far exceeded the number of local breeding birds. A singing Plumbeous Vireo in the Tijuana R. valley on 5 April was almost certainly a wintering bird; locally wintering individuals regularly linger into the third week of April, or even later. Two White-winged Scoters were still near the Imperial Beach pier on 3 April, and judging by the condition of their flight feathers, may remain a while. Two singing Y-b Chats that day in the Tijuana R. valley were slightly early. A count of 410 Red Knots on s. San Diego Bay was pretty high.

Paul Lehman, San Diego
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports