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Nazca Booby, and miscellanea

Nazca Booby, and miscellanea
By – 9:27 am

On Thursday morning, 9 June, a full adult Nazca Booby flew south past the La Jolla seawatch at 7:19AM. Not too far out–just beyond the outer edge of the kelp. Could easily see bill color.

Yesterday, 8 June, birding along the San Diego River in the Mission Valley area produced a singing Swainson’s Thrush near the San Diego Mission, where the species is found almost annually in early summer, and which represents the southern-most semi-regular breeding site in the species’ range. (Some years a bird or two is on territory in the Tijuana River Valley, but not so the past several years that I have noted.) Also a Least Bittern and a flock of W-f Ibis.

On 7 June, three American Wigeon continue in the very upper Sea World section of the San Diego River. A singing first-year male Western Tanager continued along Rosecroft in residential Point Loma. Present for about a week, it MIGHT actually be on territory, which would be very unusual along the coast, or maybe it is just a tardy migrant lingerer who feels like singing a bunch. I’ve noted the same a couple other years in late spring down in the TRV.

–Paul Lehman, San Diego