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Nashville continues

I birded the same spot in my neighborhood – Monarch Hills – this morning and the Nashville Warbler is still there.  I believe I may have seen a Tennessee as well.  Warbler size, shape and mannerisms but looked like a vireo in that it had a dark line through the eye.  It was stockier than a vireo and when it perched almost neck-less.  From underneath it was pale gray, almost white except for the tip of the short tail which was darker gray.  And the head was slightly darker gray.  I could not get a look at it's back as it was high in the Euc's the whole time before it was chased off by the Yellow-rump.  Otherwise I saw the Western Tanagers – male and female – along with hooded Oriole, Black-headed Grosbeaks, Wilson's Warbler and Orange-crowned Warblers.  Yesterday late I saw a Hermit Warbler down my hill.  And of note, we have nesting Barn Owls in our box with at least one baby for the fifth year in a row!  To date we have fledged about two per year.  Amazing for a box in the front yard on an urban street.
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports