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Mystery Vireo/Warbler – TRV Ballfields

Mystery Vireo/Warbler – TRV Ballfields
By – 2:20 pm
Hi all, I have a mystery bird for any intrepid sleuths.Copying description from my ebird report for speed.
Pale creamy colored underside with some faint yellow. More yellow on undertail, but still faint. Wings are a darker shade of a similar color scheme, one might call it “light grey” or “light olive”. Face is plain. No stripes or other markings anywhere. Bill is noticeably long. Call sounds like quietly clicking together shot glasses; a bit resonant and very bright. Calling quite frequently in trees along Sunset here: (32.5582061, -117.0771722).
Took a probably poor recording and definitely poor pictures.
Bird is still present in trees as of 2:20pm 11/29/2021eBird report:
— Nick ThorpeUniversity Heights