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Mountain, Buff-breast, lingerers and misc.

On Wednesday morning, both the mountain plover and buff breasted Sandpiper continue in the Tijuana River valley. See previous posts for observation etiquette and parking. In the community gardens there are continuing black chinned hummingbird continuing Golden crowned Sparrow continuing Brewers Sparrow and a new dark lored White crowned sparrow. the large complex of horse corrals across the road to the east has at least a dozen continuing yellow-headed blackbirds but one can bird that site only from the outside. Two female vermilion flycatchers continue with the Sunset ball fields.

Yesterday at Jacumba there was continuing black chinned hummingbird and Rufous type hummingbird and four Costas hummingbirds and getting late cassin's Kingbirds and Willow flycatcher and lazuli Bunting and black-headed grosbeak, but nothing overly rare. At Pine Valley there was a getting late Rufous type hummingbird and a Costas.

Paul Lehman, Dan Diego

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports