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more storm groundings of waterbirds inland

more storm groundings of waterbirds inland
By {authorlink} – 3:10 pm

This morning’s (21 March) foul (or fowl?) weather grounded quite the collection of interesting waterbirds at inland bodies of water. In addition to the early and exceptional flock of 6 Sabine’s Gulls at Lake Murray as reported by Matt S., I hear that David T. had a flock of 10 Brant land at the Borrego Springs settling ponds, Brennan M. had 2 Surf Scoters at Santee Lakes, and Sweetwater biologist Pete Famolaro reports a single flock of 81 (EIGHTY-ONE) Surf Scoters on Sweetwater Reservoir (closed to the public Tues-Thurs).
–Paul Lehman, San Diego