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More re Robb Field

I also was enjoying the sunshine at Robb Field this (Friday) afternoon, and in addition to the sightings Nancy mentioned, around 4 – 4:30 p.m. the Burrowing Owl was being very cooperative on the rocky south bank of the flood channel about 50 yards east of where Larry saw the Tricolored Heron wading about (i.e., near the west end of the westernmost baseball field).  A less-than-sharp photo of him (her?) is below. 

I didn’t see the Ross’s Goose. 

For those starting their 2021 yearly list, scoping from the far eastern end of the big parking lot along the Robb Field bike path I was also able to see both B & R Turnstones, LB Herons, Red Knots, and a couple dozen (at least) of Snowy Plovers.  It was also the area where I found the Reddish Egret at around 3:30, wading with the tide downriver (the Egret, not me).  Also in the flood channel right about where the Owl was located was a Lesser Yellowlegs. 

A good start to a birdy 2021. 

Phil Pryde
San Marcos 

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports