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More on the yellow-bellied flycatcher

10:55 am

As of 10:30 a.m. the Yellow bellied Flycatcher continues in the LDS property on La Jolla Farms Road. It does circuits through the several tipu trees but then also into pines and olives and carrotwoods and thick non-tipus that run up and down the east side of the property, especially the northeast corner. It can bury itself and be gone for periods of time and then just reappears. But, again, there are two or three western flycatchers also present to cause confusion. See previous post, and photos posted on WhatsApp group, for what this bird looks like versus the Westerns. When in a chase with a Western, It has called several times and given both the classic sneezy “chew” call and a perwee.

Paul Lehman, San Diego