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More on the Thick billed Kingbird, minima Cackling Geese, mis

9:49 am

The Thick billed Kingbird down in the Tijuana River Valley, first reported earlier this morning by Paul Marvin, later on was a little farther east along Monument Road near mailbox 2473. This is almost certainly a returning bird from last winter, which early in the season was also seen in exactly this same area, but then later as the winter went on was only seen sporadically farther north in the area of Nestor Park and adjoining school properties and sometimes only findable associated with kingbird roost sites fairly late in the day. 
Also, at the TRV this morning, the Plumbeous vireo and Black and white warbler continue at the B&B.
Also today, at Sweetwater Reservoir there were four Cackling geese along with four White fronts at the bottom end of the reservoir, and the Cacklings appeared to be of the subspecies minima, which is very rare in the county.  They have dark purplish- brown breasts and no neck ring. A similar looking bird was photographed up at Guajome Regional Park earlier this month. At the upper end of Sweetwater was a typical Aleutian Cackling goose with a few Canadas, and one other White front, and a Yellow-headed blackbird, probably continuing.
Paul Lehman, San Diego