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More on Chimney Swift

At 8 a.m. the apparent ChimneySwift headed north from the bridge where a number of vauxs Swifts continue, and was last seen foraging over the general area of the middle Dairy Mart Pond and the main, large pond,  but swallows and swifts are working this whole area so it may well stay somewhere locally. Clearly one wants low overcast and cool conditions to keep the birds down low and in the area, as once the sun comes out and it warms up the birds should disperse. Anyone who wants to try for this bird it also would be recommended to do so only very early and late in the day as your chances are better at that time than during midday. One other character to look for is the bird tends to soar more than the vauxs swifts, as well as having somewhat  slower flaps. There may be even more than eight Vaux's Swifts around, which is a large number to still be present on the 23rd.

Paul Lehman, San Diego

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