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more 2020 birding accomplishments, and important "thank you's"

I'd like to add my congratulations to Nancy C. for her record-breaking county year list in 2020. Takes time, dedication, determination, and not only enjoying the highs but also weathering the lows, ….as well as a bit of luck.

I'd like to get away just a bit from the perennial eBird Top 100 lists for a moment and give another round of 2020 acknowledgments, as well as a big "thank you."

For the thank you, many of us who chase rare birds do so with the information provided on the county listserve and text messaging service. And many of us also get much of our information about what birds are where–and typically fairly promptly–via eBird rare bird alerts and other related eBird sites. These sources would either not be available or be (even) less trustworthy if it were not for the time and dedication put in by the moderators and volunteer reviewers. This is no small task! Reviewing the volumes of eBird data generated in the county takes a LOT of time, especially by our reviewers who are determined to do a good, thorough job. So, thank you to all of them, with a special thanks to Justyn Stahl, who is a major force in ALL these county-wide endeavors.

And for additional listing acknowledgments in 2020, please give a round of applause to our dedicated "5MR" birders. All 5MR birding areas, even those in well-birded sections along and near the coast, require the local birder to truly pound the pavement and make their own discoveries. Stakeouts found by other birders get you only so far if you are trying for a good 5MR list total! And that local exploration regularly discovers new birding hot-spots, many in areas where you might least expect them to be (e.g., inland), which then all the rest of us profit from! In 2020, high coastal 5MR totals ("countable" species only) included those by Jay Desgrosellier (267), Dan King (254), and John Bruin (224); whereas a couple landlocked, inland totals were as or even more impressive, including those by Eitan Altman (213) and Kathryn Wendel (210).

–Paul Lehman, San Diego

P.S. Some minor miscellanea: On 31 Dec, a new Nashville Warbler in the Stonecrest area near Aero Drive brings the month's total of Nashvilles in the county to a very lofty 16 birds (ties the all-time record of 16 that was set over an ENTIRE winter in 2017-2018); and a "Slate-colored" Junco continues near Montgomery Field.
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports