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Mixed flycatching warblers, Point Loma

On our morning walk today, we found a group of Black-throated Grays, Townsend's, Nashville,

Orange-crowneds, and Yellow-rumped Warblers flycatching along with a Black Phoebe in the

driveway of a house on Dupont.  We watched for about 10 minutes as the warblers darted quickly

in all directions grabbing bugs and occasionally stopping briefly in a few trees around the driveway.

The bugs had light/white wings, large for the size of the bodies.  They looked a little like termites,

but I don't know bugs well, and termites don't normally swarm now (I think).

     Other highlights for us: two Rufous Hummers, three male Western Tanagers, and two of the

continuing Red-breasted Nuthatches.

Sara Mayers
Point Loma (San Diego)
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports