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Miscellaneous new and continuing

9:04 am

Thursday morning there is presumably a new Northern Waterthrush at Dairy Mart, on the east pond on the east side of Dairy Mart Road, presumably too far for the bird from the boardwalk and main platform area on the main pond to wander that far. Continuing single Solitary Sandpiper on the stick pond, and continuing two Yellow-headed blackbirds in the river channel near the bridge with Red wingeds. Still a couple lingering Cliff Swallows there with Barns. At the Community Gardens on Hollister there is a White winged dove with the gobs of Mourning doves and yet two more Yellow-headed blackbirds in with the gobs of Red wingeds. At dawn, one of the Neotropic cormorants continued at its roost site at the top end of Sweetwater Reservoir, but overall numbers of Neotropics in the county seem to have dropped off a bit in the last month and so this surge we’ve had recently may or may not actually last, the same with the Harris’s Hawks in east county.

Yesterday, there was a fairly good concentration of 40 Blue winged teal in the SeaWorld section of the San Diego River channel.
Paul Lehman, San Diego