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miscellanea, inland Red-billed Tropicbirds!

12:14 pm

This morning, Monday, I had a green Painted Bunting in an inaccessible part of the Tijuana River Valley. Also, finally, my FOS (but late arriving) Northern Pintail and migrant-type Savannah Sparrow. Visiting birder Sam Marsh reports that the adult male Summer Tanager continues from yesterday in the Sorrento Valley area (see previous posts/eBird reports). But the really big news are the reports just coming in now of single Red-billed Tropicbirds deposited far inland by Tropical Storm “Hilary”: on 20 Aug in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park and on 21 Aug some 5.7 miles east of Valley Center, with both birds taken to rehab at Sea World (fide Phil Unitt). Based on the photos from Sea World, the couple is doing fine!
–Paul Lehman, San Diego