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miscellanea, incl. coastal Bald Eagles

miscellanea, incl. coastal Bald Eagles
By – 11:16 am

On Friday the 17th, two immature Bald Eagles, probably continuing birds (?), were at Sweetwater Reservoir. One with more white on the head than the other and both sitting along the shoreline. Very rare on the coastal slope, especially in summer. A male Wood Duck was at the northeast corner of Lower Otay Lake, where one was last August. Probably an early post-breeding disperser.

On 16 June, one or two somewhat wayward Acorn Woodpeckers continued at Mast Park in Santee. The long-staying problematic male scaup continues at Lake #4 at Santee Lakes.

On 15 June, 1 or 2 Northern Fulmars continued off La Jolla, with a couple Sooties and small numbers of Black-venteds, plus a few summering Surf Scoters and the continuing several Black Oystercatchers.

On 14 June, an adult Reddish Egret continued on South San Diego Bay.

On 13 June, there was another southbound, alternate-plumaged Common Murre at La Jolla. The first appreciable surge of adult Heermann’s Gulls had arrived.

–Paul Lehman, San Diego