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Misc. Weekend stuff

10:45 am

Overall migrant numbers and diversity seem rather low now for over a week in most places, with a few local pocket exceptions. Sunday morning, along the south edge of the horse corrals near Saturn X Tremaine in the TRV there was a new Tropical Kingbird and a late, continuing Western kingbird with a couple Cassin’s kingbirds and a female Vermilion flycatcher, all in the same area, as well as a White winged Dove hanging out with all the collared doves. At the TRV Community Gardens there was a getting-late Blue Grosbeak.

Yesterday, a Tropical kingbird continued along with a new, female-type Summer tanager along Woodworth Way in Liberty Station. And in TierraSanta, a continuing Costa’s hummingbird at feeders and a new, female type Vermilion flycatcher on Admiral Baker golf course as viewed from TierraSanta.
Paul Lehman, San Diego