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8:22 am

Today, Wednesday, there are two Yellow-headed Blackbirds with the Red-wingeds, and three Solitary Sandpipers, in the Tijuana River channel near the Dairy Mart bridge, and the two adult Neotropic Cormorants continue at the top end of Sweetwater Reservoir at dawn. The cormorants may well be the two adults that had been at Lake Murray for a long time but are now AWOL there, as the plumages perfectly match up with what Matt said used to be there.

Yesterday, the 5th, there was a Yellow-headed Blackbird in a flock of cowbirds on outer Point Loma. The most numerous migrants out there yesterday were Western tanager and Warbling vireo, both in okay numbers.
On September 4th, there was a somewhat early Swainson’s Thrush at the Bird and Butterfly Garden, presumably the same bird seen already on the 2nd there by Nick T.
Paul Lehman, San Diego