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misc. stuff, Sep 24-26

12:03 pm

Today, 26 Sep, an early-morning visit to Jacumba turned up a getting-late and very rare stealth-migrant (or local disperser?) Black-chinned Sparrow bathing at the pond, a rare Summer Tanager, a late Hooded Oriole (for that part of the county), two continuing Harris’s Hawks, eastward dispersing Red-shouldered Hawk and White-breasted Nuthatch, and–no surprise–5 Red-breasted Nuthatches.
Yesterday, the 25th, there were still 2 Lucy’s Warblers together at the Nobel Athletic Area tipus (between library and dog run), which makes TWENTY-THREE days the two birds have been there. It is very doubtful they will winter there, and it is our belief that they are likely molt-migrants, completing their molt at this site before continuing on to points unknown. Both birds looked ratty when first found, and now one of them looks pretty clean whereas the other is still scruffy about the head.
On the 24th, there were a continuing White-winged Dove and Yellow-headed Blackbird in the TRV, and 2 continuing adult Neotropic Cormorants at the top end of Sweetwater Reservoir.
Paul Lehman, San Diego