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misc. NEW rarities during mid-Feb

During the past couple weeks, here are some highlights of NEW rarities and other species of interest I've seen in coastal San Diego County–in no particular order:

Single new Orchard Orioles in both northeastern Balboa Park (imm male) and in Coronado (female), a young male Baltimore Oriole at the SD Zoo, a total of FIVE more Hooded Orioles presumed to be wintering locally (all were females or imm males) with flock of 3 in Nestor, 1 at Zoo, and 1 in residential ea. Pt. Loma–which brings the county winter total this season to a lofty ca. FIFTEEN individuals, which must be an all-time record. Also 6 more Bullock's Orioles (2 at Zoo, 2 at Liberty Station, and 2 at Nestor). A White-winged Scoter was north of Camp Surf and SIX Black Scoters (5 drakes, 1 female) were on San Diego Bay, plus a female Eurasian Wigeon and a male hybrid Eurasian X American Wigeon both in Coronado, and a Snow Goose on south San Diego Bay. A Wilson's Phalarope at the saltworks is casual in winter and is undoubtedly the same individual present there during much of November but not (?) seen in the interim. Also 6 Common Goldeneyes and up to 6 wintering Black Skimmers (not a usual wintering site) at the saltworks. Single Summer Tanagers in Nestor, Coronado, and residential Chula Vista. A Hermit Warbler is in the Stonecrest neighborhood of San Diego. A Red-naped Sapsucker and Plumbeous Vireo in UTC. Single Costa's Hummingbirds in Otay Mesa and La Jolla–a species now rare in winter away from the desert. And 6 more Bl.-thr. Gray and 2 more Yellow Warblers and 7 more Western Tanagers. The annual staging of late-winter Red-throated Loons has 60 birds today between Imperial Beach and n. Coronado. A major, widespread flight of northbound Tree Swallows also today (20 Feb).

–Paul Lehman, San Diego
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports