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Over the past several days, some highlights include: the count of White-winged Scoters off Camp Surf is now up to 4 (all together), there are still at least 2 Black Scoters on SD Bay, 3 or 4 Yellow-crowned Night-Herons continue near the Del Mar Public Works building (presumably same nesting pair there from last year, along with last year's young), an adult male Summer Tanager continues in Nestor (Leon Ave.), a Nashville Warbler in National City presumably wintered locally, and the Painted Redstart continues in Tierrasanta (where also a new, wintering W. Tanager). Unfortunately, the "best" bird was a Lark Bunting in sensitive Navy property along the Silver Strand; it could well be a March migrant on the move, as this species begins moving now (although some winter birds stay until April, however, so the Jacumba bird may or may not still be present).

–Paul Lehman, San Diego
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports