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misc continuing rarities 11-2-20

This morning (11/2/20) at Villa La Jolla Park, Elizabeth Copper, Dennis Parker, and I had the continuing plumbeous vireo in the SE portion of the park and a western tanager in the northwest.  None of the other recently reported rarities were re-found.
As previously reported, 2 lapland longspurs continued at Crown Point. 
At Robb Field, 2 other lapland longspurs were seen among the horned lark flock south of the tennis courts just before noon.  Just before 12:15, Elizabeth found a third longspur among the pipit flock southeast of the playground that appeared to be chestnut-collared, but all birds were flushed before we could get a definitive look, and neither longspurs nor most of the larks were re-found after that.  The buff-breasted sandpiper was seen but very difficult to initially discern sitting low in the grass in the western ballfield around 1:15, but then was flushed by dogs.  The tricolored heron was skulking in cordgrass at the far western end of the wetlands just WNW of the dirt parking lot and western ballfield at 1:20.
R. Patton
San Diego, CA
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports