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Migrant Trees

In response to Paul's post on Migrant trees:  As I was walking to San Elijo Lagoon on Rios I checked the Melaleucas on the east side of the road right before the trail entrance (in front of the gated community at Gibson) and they were chock full of warblers.  I was only there for a scant 10 minutes before the landscapers arrived and I had to leave but in that time I saw two Nashville's, three Wilson's what seemed like a dozen Orange-crowned, and a possible American Redstart – pale gray warbler, light eye ring, no stripes or wing bars and a faint wash of yellow on the side.  I did not see the tail.  Also of note is that Annie's Canyon is closed so the trails were blissfully quiet.  For 1.5 hours it was just me, two dog walkers and the birds.

Alison Hiers
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports