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Mexican Whip-poor-will returns to the Lagunas

6:04 am

I received an email from David Hogan alerting me that the Mexican Whip-poor-will he heard in May 2020 has returned to the vicinity of Noble Canyon, off Sunrise Highway, as of 16 May 2023.

Important things to consider:
You will very likely only hear the bird.
Parking is problematic and do not go up the driveway.
Limited/no cell service.
The bird sings naturally, so playback is not needed, and will likely lead to confusion. 
In 2020 the bird was singing by 9pm and there was at least one report of success at something like 430am.
The best and largest nearby parking spot on Pine Creek Road is about 2.25 miles from Sunrise Highway: 32.896086,-116.483309. From there one can walk back to the Noble Canyon Trail (rough trail in the dark, 32.8967259,-116.4811553), or listen from the road. Folks with mobility issues can perhaps be dropped off and picked up? In 2020 we were able to hear the bird from Pine Creek Road. Please do not walk up the driveway to the house.
Please also refrain from playback use as I can imagine this will cause plenty of confusion in the dark for people standing in various parts of the road or even going down the trail in the dark. 
For safety reasons, please go with a friend, and dress appropriately!
Good luck!
Justyn Stahl
North Park