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Mexican Whip-poor-will, Hooded Warbler, and listserv etiquette

1. The Mexican Whip-poor-will that has been reported a couple times in the last few days was a false alarm – the recordings were of a Common Poorwill.
2. The Hooded Warbler, a male first reported by Michelle Haglund on 22 August, and likely there undetected all summer, is in a small overgrown alley turned into a city easement known as Wing Street Canyon, accessed from the west end of Wing Street (32.746, -117.216), between the Midway District and Loma Portal. Michelle has found a number of good birds in this area over the years, but it hasn't been on many (any?) other birder's maps. Certainly a spot worth checking with some frequency, but please be respectful of parking and people's privacy when birding near backyards and houses. Further evidence that there is still plenty to be discovered in San Diego away from the usual circuit of hotspots most birders check. 
3. When posting to SanDiegoRegionBirding, please reference *where* you were in your posts and *who* you are. Multiple recent posts have contained no observer information, and a signature is required per the rules of the listserv. As for location, not everyone is an eBird user, and nearly 1,000 people are subscribed to this list, so the more descriptive your emails are, the better the community will be served.
Justyn Stahl
San Clemente Island, where it is just as slow as mainland San Diego/Los Angeles

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports