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Mexican Duck continues, more Scarlet Tanager info

Mexican Duck continues, more Scarlet Tanager info
By – 10:37 am

On Tuesday, 2 August, the male Mexican Duck continues at Lower Otay Lake, in the exact same area near the dead trees where it frequented over the weekend. The most common landbird migrant currently along the coast appears to be Western Tanager, with 10 seen this AM on Point Loma.

Some additional bit of information concerning the male Scarlet Tanager currently at Morley Field: It was originally found on 24 July by non-birder Jamie Lantzy, who saw the bird at the fountain, thought it interesting, and took several photos and video clips with his iPhone. The bird has currently started its pre-basic molt, and has some green or yellowish spots or blotches on its face, back, and sides. It also has a worn/missing primary or two. Presumably it will not migrate until it finishes its molt. And presumably it has been present in the area for much of the summer before it was discovered on the 24th.

–Paul Lehman, San Diego