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Mex Whip-poor-will, Ovenbird

8:23 am

Thursday morning, the Ovenbird continues in the myoporum grove at the south end of the Point Loma Nazarene University campus, covering a fair bit of ground within the grove. Migrant numbers are so so scattered all around Point Loma involving the species that have been present now here several days.

Last night, almost 20 birders were treated to a fine vocal performance of the Mexican Whippoorwill up in the Laguna mountains in Noble Canyon off Pine Creek Road. See some of the ebird reports for exact coordinates. This general site would be accessed by walking five or so minutes down the Noble Canyon trail from the road, which would require one to be willing to walk back out in the dark on a trail that does have a few minor rocky sections. Clearly, bring lighting with you . Given that cell reception there is spotty, It is strongly recommended that nobody does this alone and always have a partner or two. You do not want to be caught down this trail alone at night and needing assistance!!! The bird started calling at exactly 8:00 p.m. and called fairly regularly until 8:30 at which point it seemed to quiet down, but we all left a little after that so it could have started calling again later in the evening and possibly of course pre-dawn this morning. The bird in 2020 at the same site only stayed several days, so if one is interested in going, better to do so sooner than later. Near the intersection of Pine Creek Road and Sunrise Highway there are several large dead trees scattered around in various directions with nesting Purple Martins. And the large puddle area that crosses Pine Creek Road a bit west of Sunrise highway was attracting Mountain Quail to it late in the day.
Paul Lehman, San Diego