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Merlin App and rare birds revisited

6:56 pm

   After all the help and advice I received about the Merlin App from my first request, I spent this afternoon either downloading or updating the bird packs, I started with US: Southwest and moved on to US: West Coast, US: Southeast and US: Rocky Mountains. I did this on my Samsung Cell and my iPad. I tested both after each download, I used the call of the Indigo Bunting each time, calls were used from the Sibley App, the calls from the Merlin App and calls from xeno-canto web-site.
     I finally had success identifying the Indigo Bunting on my iPad after the US: Rocky Mountains download!?
  My cell phone just blinks the blue dot and says that a bird is heard calling with no identification! I take my cell phone outside and it starts identifying every bird in the yard.
   Do not know if this is useful information or not but thought I would share it with you.
    Thanks again for all of you that responded to my previous request
     Butch Carter
     Santa Ysabel, California