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Mergansers and Cackling goose Lake Cuyamaca 01/09/2021

Hello all,
There are currently 11 Mergansers (I am leaning towards Common but I am not sure. I don’t have a scope for better views. Definitely not Hooded Mergansers) and a Cackling Goose hanging out with the Canada Geese. I am still at the lake but will have a good ID on the mergansers when I study photos. I am sure about the Cackling Goose. But I have photos on the gooseThe mergansers are on the east side of lake. Scope views should be able to determine which Merganser they are. Just putting the word out in case anyone is in the area and would like to see these birds. Tomorrow is duck hunting so the mergansers may take off in the morning.

Terry Hurst
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports