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SDFO meetings generally occur on the third Tuesday of the month and last about 1½ hours.  See SDFO Presentation Announcements on the Home page for meeting announcements. Meetings are often scheduled online using Zoom, and the tips below may be useful.

Zoom Meeting Tips

Download the Zoom App

  • If using a laptop or computer, go to  and get Zoom Client for Meetings. This link should also work if you are downloading on an Apple or Android device such as a phone. If not, go to your App store and get the App.

Meeting Time

  • Join the meeting. You will be given the option to Join with Video – this will show your image (if you have a camera). You will then be given the option of how to join the audio output – usually using the Computer Audio is the correct choice.  
    • You can Start Video or Stop Video at any time with the buttons at the bottom of the window.
    • You can Mute/Unmute your audio at any time with the buttons at the bottom of the window.
  • Generally only one person can speak at a time and it is polite to mute your audio when not participating in the conversation. The meeting host can mute everyone if needed. 
  • Gallery View or Host View. On the upper right part of the screen you can pick gallery.
    • Gallery View will put up a small image of other people participating in the meeting.
    • Host view will only show the image of the active speaker. This is probably the best choice for the SDFO meetings during a presentation.
  • Share Screen – the speaker or presenter will share their screen with the group and you will be able to see the slides. If you are in Gallery view at this point, part of the slides may be covered with images of other birders. Host view will give you the best look at the slides.
  • Chat – there is a spot for typing in questions that arise during the presentation.

Viewing Tip:  

When the speaker is presenting his/her program, usually you see a set of small video windows off to one side or on the top of the screen. Each of those windows can be closed separately.  The host of the meeting has no control of this process, you need to customize your own view. Of course, there is no need to change anything if you prefer.

  • On an iPad, there is a little plus or minus on the corner of each video window – click on the minus sign to close that window.
  • On a computer, there is the symbol to minimize the window, which can be clicked to close that window. In this manner you can choose to see only the shared screen of the speaker, or leave the image of the speaker up as well.