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May 18th San Diego pelagic trip

4:47 am

The San Diego pelagic trip on 18 May sponsored by Buena Vista Audubon Society aboard “Legacy” out of Mission Bay went out to the 9-Mile Bank, San Diego Trough, 30-Mile Bank, and “The Corner.” Ocean conditions were excellent, with light seas and a high marine overcast all morning. Large numbers of several species were noted in the waters from about 4 miles offshore out to the 9-Mile, with smaller numbers farther out. Especially impressive totals included the 20 Blue Whales, 115 Scripps’s Murrelets, 3000 Sooty Shearwaters (including one bird with a fully white head and neck), and 6 Brown Boobies. The two Common Murres were scarce and getting latte. Offshore totals for the day (once a couple miles offshore) were:
Surf Scoter  4
Eared Grebe  1
Red-necked Phalarope  35
jaeger sp.  1
Common Murre  2  (off Mission Bay)
Scripps’s Murrelet  115  (high count)
Cassin’s Auklet  65
Rhinoceros Auklet  1
Bonaparte’s Gull  2
Heermann’s Gull  2
Western Gull  175
California Gull  50
Least Tern  3
Elegant Tern  1300
Common Loon  4
Pacific Loon  12
Ashy Storm-Petrel  2
Black Storm-Petrel  160
Pink-footed Shearwater  80
Sooty Shearwater  3000
Black-vented Shearwater  4
Brown Booby  6
Brown Pelican  70
Double-crested Cormorant  1
Brandt’s Cormorant  3
hummingbird sp.  1
warbler sp.  1
Blue Whale  20  (very high count)
Fin Whale  5
Black Oystercatcher 2, hybrid American X Black Oystercatcher 1 (Mission Bay jetties)
The next scheduled pelagic trip is on Saturday, 8 June. See for further information.
–Paul Lehman, Dave Povey, Bruce Rideout, Dan King, Jimmy McMorran, San Diego