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Mast Park Reopen

I went to Mast Park in Santee this morning to play basketball with some friends. I was super distracted by what appeared to be a slow moving sapsucker at the top of a tree near the parking lot.

I did not grab my binoculars due to being in a game, however as soon as we finished (0930) I saw what appeared to be a NEOTROPIC CORMORANT taking off from the tree line along the San Diego River. (Presumably the one from Santee Lakes) It was side by side with a DC, so size was apparent and it was darker all around.

I walked the park, and it was not very birdie…maybe because they just finished construction? But it looks great, and they planted some native plants likely to keep hummingbirds happy. Very open and feels safe.

Have a great Day,

Anthony “TooFly” Fife
La Mesa, Ca

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports