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Masked Booby brought to Project Wildlife from Spring Valley

Masked Booby brought to Project Wildlife from Spring Valley
By {authorlink} – 10:27 pm

Dear friends,


On Tuesday 13 December someone brought to Project Wildlife an adult or nearly adult Masked Booby. According to Project Wildlife’s Maria Gonzalez, who told me the story in detail today, it was found in Spring Valley, but I don’t yet know the exact location. I will ask for a copy of the paperwork completed at the time of intake at Project Wildlife. Maria sent me pictures that show the typical yellow color of a Masked Booby’s bill without any of the orange tint of the Nazca Booby’s. The finder insisted the bird was a Gannet (!) but knew it was way out of place. Since Sea World has suspended rescue of wild seabirds for the duration of the avian influenza outbreak, this Masked Booby has been transferred to International Bird Rescue in Long Beach for possible rehabilitation.


Might the bird have landed on a boat offshore, then stayed on while the owner towed the boat home to Spring Valley? A parallel situation seems more likely for a specimen of the Least Storm-Petrel we just received from the Fisherman’s Landing area of San Diego Bay on the very late date of 22 November—reportedly entangled in fishing line. Our only other specimen of the Least Storm-Petrel received through Project Wildlife was also found at Fisherman’s Landing, on the more expected date of 11 August 1996.


Good birding,


Philip Unitt

San Diego