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Marston Canyon Update

First of all, Marston Canyon is still OPEN for anyone wanting to walk or bird. One can find parking in the neighborhood near either the Vermont Street entrance or the stairway entrance off Richmond just north of Cypress (stair is quite steep). Park away from the entrances by a block or so and then walk in to avoid attracting too much attention from police who ARE patrolling the area for homeless vagrants. Be respectful and keep social distance from joggers and dog-walkers.

The canyon is quite birdy already, with lots of food and water, and migrants increasing daily. Highlights include two separate bright male Bullock's Orioles (one at each end of the canyon), Hooded Orioles, Western Tanager, Black-headed Grosbeak, Ash-throated Flycatcher, Cassin's and Western Kingbirds, Black-throated Gray, Townsend's, and the other usual warblers, Bluebird, and about a million hummingbirds. LOTS of nesting behavior, including flight displays by Anna's hummingbirds, food gathering by Cassin's Kingbirds (one pair with a known nest in a palm tree off of Brooks), distraction displays by Song Sparrows, Bewick's wrens, and Black Phoebes, and female hooded orioles scouting known nesting palms from previous years. No lazuli buntings, Yellow- WIlson's- or Hermit warblers yet, but soon. The area is Club Med for flycatchers–they just need to arrive. Best spot of the day was a lovely, very healthy-looking coyote walking along the creek bed.  See today's full checklist at

FYI: For anyone who doesn't want to climb down into the canyon, one of the Bullock's Orioles plus some other birds are very cooperative in the pink-flowering Euc just off the sidewalk on Richmond at the end of Cypress (East side). There is another good viewing area further south on Richmond just south of Brooks where the old stair trailhead has been temporarily closed pending rebuilding.

Stay well,

Caron Andregg
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports