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Manx Shearwater update, new White throated Sparrow

Manx Shearwater update, new White throated Sparrow
By {authorlink} – 9:55 am

While sending out a couple text messages and composing my previous post, the shearwaters kept getting up and swirling around and landing again and totally mixing up, and I have yet to be able to refind the Manx. There are probably something like 7,000 black venteds here and at least six or seven leucistic or albino birds as well. Two or three of which have totally white bodies but dark wings and one of which is totally white from stem to stern. The masses of birds have spread out more than earlier, and now extend from basically off penisquitos lagoon mouth in the south to just north of 9th Street in the north. Also, at least half of them have now gone to sit in the water in huge flocks far enough offshore that the heat distortion is preventing those from being properly studied. For those who might try for the bird tomorrow morning early, obviously you need to have very large numbers of feeding birds here to have a good hope. Be aware that this particular manx in the good lighting earlier was very easy to pick up on the water with a good scope as it was really sharply black and white and you could also see the white undertail covers. Do not be fooled by black venteds that appear slightly whiter underneath and in the face, but are otherwise every bit as brown above as the many other birds next to it.

Also, this morning, I had a new White throated Sparrow at Fairbanks Ranch. At thale little shopping center. The bird was all by itself behind the Berkshire Hathaway building.
Paul Lehman, San Diego