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Manx Shearwater on Saturday pelagic trip

Manx Shearwater on Saturday pelagic trip
By – 3:13 pm

We are on a roll !!!  For the THIRD scheduled pelagic trip in a row (June, July, August), despite our attempts to sift through flocks of Black-vented Shearwaters in hopes of finding a very rare Manx Shearwater, but to no avail, a Manx has indeed been found after the conclusion of the trip via folks looking carefully at their photos. This trip’s installment of the saga is courtesy of Barbara Wise, who studied her many trip photos from yesterday and found a Manx sitting in a large flock of Black-venteds in the eastern San Diego Trough. Her photos of the bird are date-stamped between 9:27-9:32 AM, so other participants who took photos of that flock during that period might wish to also go through their photos carefully.

Undoubtedly, Barbara will add some of her photos of the Manx to her ebird list once the lists are shared in a couple more days and made public.

Our apologies for the oversight, but we really, truly are looking carefully at the good numbers of Black-venteds on these trips. Maybe in September or October….!

–Paul Lehman, San Diego