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Manx Shearwater off La Jolla.1-17-2024

3:53 pm

I made a quick offshore beeline to La Jolla Canyon midday on a non birding errand.

At about 4.1 nautical (4.75 miles) northwest of The Point of La Jolla, I had a MANX SHEARWATER landed next to the boat.
Apparently sure the scavenging gulls had something of interest the Manx Shearwater hung out for about 10 mins. before continuing on north. The long stay allowed me to take photos with both camera and phone. I’ll try to get some of those up on eBird.
The only other species of note today were three Rhinoceros Auklets, two Cassin’s Auklets, maybe 45-50 Bonaparte’s Gulls.
Dave Povey